The Scorpion King: Rise of the Akkadian

PlayStation 2


Los Akadios fueron una tribu de guerreros sin igual en el arte de matar. Magus es un Señor Oscuro que pretende hacerse con los poderes de los guerreros del Inframundo.

Juega como el Rey Escorpión usando sus habilidades, armas y entrenamiento para vencer a Magus antes de que sus sangrientas criaturas acaben con la humanidad.


In an original story inspired by the blockbuster film, the Akkadians were a tribe of warriors unparalleled in the deadly art of assassination. Their skill is put to the ultimate test when a dark lord named Magus is determined to harness the powers of the Underworld. Play as The Rock® using all of your wits, training, and weapons to defeat Magus before he unleashes an army of bloodthirsty creatures on mankind

The story shapes up as a prequel to the The Scorpion King movie, in which World Wrestling Entertainment superstar The Rock plays hired assassin Mathayus, better known as The Scorpion King. As the titular hero, The Rock (née Dwayne Johnson) reprises his role from the 2001 hit "The Mummy Returns." This 3D combat-adventure chronicles the future Scorpion Kings first adventure, a long and arduous quest to thwart an evil lords diabolical plan to raise a supernatural army of beast-warriors to conquer the world. The throaty narrator paints an epic picture of good and evil that is quite cinematic. Here, Mathayus must prove his worthiness as a member of the Akkadians, a tribe of assassins.


Entfesseln Sie die Kraft des Scorpion Kings in einem neuen Action-Adventure, inspiriert von "The Rocks", dem Blockbuster von Universal Pictures.

In der aufregenden neuen Story schlüpft der Spieler in die Rolle des Helden Mathayus (The Scoropion King). Als dieser unterzieht er sich aufregenden Reisen zu exotischen Plätzen und kämpft gegen zahlreiche Feinde um einer der todbringenden Kämpfer zu werden, ein Kämpfer der Akkadians.

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