The Getaway: Black Monday

PlayStation 2

Categoría(s): Acción


Continuación del éxito del 2002: "The Getaway"


Sgt. Ben Mitchell's first day back on the job and it's one day he's going to remember. A raid on a government housing project ends in carnage and is a clear signal that London's undergoing a dangerous transformation. Organized crime has returned to London...

On the other side of the city, boxer Eddie O'Conner is getting a severe beating for a bank job gone wrong - his crew was slaughtered in the failed heist. He's in way over his head and his only chance may lie with an ex-associate, Sam - a street-smart teenage girl more adept at stealing than violence.

Murder and revenge are on everyone's mind. Desperate decisions will be made and someone will pay the price. London doesn't know what's about to hit it.