Deadly Skies III

PlayStation 2

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Únete a un grupo de expertos pilotos y sumérgete en un universo gigantesco repleto de acción, emoción y adrenalina. Realiza misiones sobre territorios no conocidos, participa en combates interplanetarios y desarrolla lazos entre los distintos personajes de este juego futurista.

¡El final de esta historia lo escribes con cada decisión que tomas!

Deadly Skies III te ofrece la mayor selección de aviones que se haya reunido nunca, con más de 130 naves a elegir. Incluye 60 emocionantes misiones que te llevarán más allá de lo que puedas imaginar. Una historia sensacional con un reparto de expertos y avezados pilotos.


Airforce Delta Strike, known as Airforce Delta: Blue Wing Knights in Japan and Deadly Skies III in Europe, is the third installment in the Konami Airforce Delta series. It was released in 2004 exclusively on the PlayStation 2. It plays very similarly to the previous Airforce Delta games.

The game plot occurs in a not specified time, but has futuristic, sci-fi weapons, planes and environments. When O.C.C. (Orbital Citizen Community), a space colony set on Earth's orbit, starts to attack the Earth to control it, EDAF (Earth Defense Allied Forces) launch a defensive campaign. After some time EDAF sees itself almost with no forces to fight and decides to hire any militia forces to help, including the bad-famed Delta Squadron. After that the tide starts to turn and as the Earth forces advance, they find out that O.C.C. is not the major threat - an organization from Mars is planning to own the Earth planet with the help of the orbital colony.

Probably the EDAF is the same alliance that was born in the previous Airforce Delta series, Airforce Delta Storm (Xbox, 2001), so the story must happen after the year 20X7, when the Xbox version is situated.

AFDS features a large selection of planes to choose from and a series of missions to play through. However, unlike the previous installments AFDS features an all new cast of anime-style characters. Some can be played as and others are just for support. Each character has a unique selection of planes to fly and has a different branch of missions to complete. Completion of some missions unlocks secret missions and hidden planes for replays.

After the game is once completed, a secret hangar becomes available. It contains the ships of other Konami's aerial/space action : Twin Bee (with the ship carriyng the same name) and Gradius (with the Vic Viper ship). As the game is completed and medals are earned, more secret planes become available, as the Manbou-J and Jerry Mouse.

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