Destroy All Humans!

PlayStation 2

Categoría(s): Acción

Usa armas destructivas y tus innatos poderes mentales, para invadir al enemigo más temido del universo, - ¡la humanidad! Juega como Crypto, un guerrero extraterrestre enviado a la tierra para despejar el camino a la de invasión de los Furon. Tu misión consiste en infiltrarte en la tierra, controlar a los humanos, apoderarte de sus raíces cerebrales y finalmente destruirlos. Tu eliges el método - infiltración o desintegración.


Destroy All Humans! is set in 1950s-period United States and consists of six settings. These include:

Most buildings and structures in these environments can be destroyed, although humans can become alarmed by Crypto's presence at these locations, and while some run or hide, others are armed and will fight back. An alert system much like Grand Theft Auto's "wanted level", denotes how much attention Crypto has attracted, which can lead to police, military, and eventually the Majestic joining the chase.

Military technology in the game is depicted as being much more advanced than it was in the real 1950s, with the US Army having possession of robots, sentry guns, automated anti-air batteries, tesla coils, and mechs. The Majestic group also seems to be equipped with energy weapons, although as these weapons resemble your own it could be assumed that they are reverse-engineered alien technology (They are also similar to the weaponry in Men In Black II, a video game based on the movie series of the same name).

The hub of the game is the Furon mothership, in orbit around Earth. From there you can receive missions, upgrade weapons, and view unlocked content. This is also the portal to each of the game's Earth settings.