PlayStation 2


Conviértete en Jericho Cross, medio humano medio vampiro, en una sensacional aventura de tiros: Darkwatch.

Encarnando a un agente recién incorporado a Darkwatch, una sociedad secreta encargada de proteger a la humanidad, debes dar caza a un antiguo Señor de los vampiros que está sembrando el caos en un espeluznante Lejano Oeste.


Darkwatch, the debut title from Sammy Studios internal development, is a cinematic 1st person shooter with an original premise that blends Vampire-Horror and Western genres. The Darkwatch is a vigilant strike-force that has protected man from evil incarnate since the dawn of civilization. Their newest and deadliest agent is Jericho Cross, an outlaw gunslinger pulled into their ranks by an unfortunate close encounter with a vampire lord. To save the West, and his own soul from damnation, Jericho must hunt the vampire through an American frontier now overrun by his evil minions. Along the way he relies on his deadly gunfighting skills and advanced weapons and vehicles put at his disposal by the Darkwatch, as well as a few surprises afforded him as a half-vampire; superhuman abilities and a trusty undead steed.